Caveat - This is a partner's laptop and it's running Bitsa, about which I have almost no knowledge (apart from "I hate it!")

I have purchased, fitted and installed a realtek USB WiFi adapter.

Why? The in-built WLAN adapter doesn't work, being a consequence of a mobo component failure that caused the same problem in 1-in-7 of that model (according to the results of a www search). The adapter was the easy solution. (So I thought!)

After yet another www search, today, it seems that Bitsa has problems with USB WiFi adapters actually working. I.e. the laptop can see the Wireless Network, says it's connected, but lies! I eventually found a www tip that resulted in me assigning an IP address manually, in the alternative configuration window.

Bingo! Data flow!

But I have the nagging thought that maybe if my partner calls in to a cafe that has a WAP on offer, as well as muffins and coffee, she may well find that there will be no WiFi connection made, even though the laptop should try the auto-assign-IP-address option, first, before trying the manually-assigned alternative connection address.

After all, if server-assigned IP address didn't work here, why would it, anywhere else?

I'll search out a public WAP next week, sometime, to see what happens. But it occurred to me that someone here might have an insider tip on the vagaries of Bitsa's USB Adapter WiFi access, before I get to that.

TCP/IPv6 is disabled, BTW. And there's no connectivity problem with either the manually assigned IP address, wired, or wireless.