Have recently purchased the above mention bluetooth dongle.
On installation of this device, all was working normally, until it kept asking me for the license, blah blah.

A directed i tried the suggestion that was posted about the two different drivers but:
when it asks:
When setup has finished, plug in your Bluetooth device and let Windows install the driver (there should be two Bluetooth icons in the system tray; one blue-white: this is the Windows driver - and one blue-red: this is the WIDCOMM driver which is deactivated).

*(there is only one blue-red one)*

* Now go to the Device Manager, right click on the "Generic Bluetooth Radio" and select "Update driver". Don't let Windows XP connect to the Internet, then select "Choose software from a list or specified location". In the next window, select "Don't search, but select the driver to install".

*(there is only the sitecom driver for the device)

Which is all well nd good, but the problem remains...

any Suggestions?