Hi I have been helping a small charity organisation sort out their broadband, there were wiring issues which I fixed, but they have the above modem thats connected to a Wireless router, now that I have removed the double NAT and fixed the wiring things are going a lot better, but I just have a question about the modem.

It seems to be going ok, both syncing at good rates and giving good performance, I have updated it to the lattest firmware, but before I leave them I would like to know I have not left them with a modem that will cause ongoing issues, they dont have a lot of money to throw around so if its going to do the job (which it currently is) then all good, otherwise I will replace it. There usage is just email and general browsing and moderating a couple of forums that "clients" normally use to keep incontact with them.

So I guess my question is, do these things have a good or bad reputation, they use the Ti based chip, which seems to be ok as long as your not on high loss noisy lines, they are within 1km of CPC.

Any comments or experience with these modems would be appreicated.