I have looked at every post here I think might help me but no luck so far so here's hoping someone can help...

My Belkin dongle is by all accounts correctly installed and I have followed all the different instructions here to be sure that it's all done correctly. It's certainly not 100% perfect but I have paired my PC and my Nokia N70 and can send files like photos from the phone to the PC so I know that that much is working. It sometimes gets stuck mid-transfer but generally it's ok. I can also use the USB cable supplied with the phone to connect the phone to the PC and I can use Nokia PC Suite to synchronise the phone with my PC address book. Again, the software is not perfect but it does work.

The problem comes when trying to get Nokia PC Suite to recognise the phone using Bluetooth. When I go to Manage Connections I am presented with two Bluetooth connections - one called Bluetooth (Microsoft) and one called Bluetooth (WIDCOMM). Selecting either and clicking on Configure... only starts the app searching for the phone and it can never find it. My phone has Bluetooth turned on and I think I have all the Belkin Bluetooth configuration correct but nothing seems to make it work. I cannot help thinking that I should only see Bluetooth (WIDCOMM) but there seems no way to remove the (Microsoft) entry. Perhaps this is the problem?

I have exposed all hidden devices on the PC and removed everything but the correct Bluetooth device so I'm not sure what else I can do to get this working. Any thoughts? I've spent probably over a day trying to fix this but I'm determined to get it working!!!