Having closed our office downtown and now working solely from home, we have a router we used on the old Saturn cable network at the office. Even though home is close, it's up a hill - and Telstra cable doesn't do hills (they would have to lay cables underground and that was too expensive).

Really sadly we bought a new router just last year when our old one died. Now I am not technical, so before disposing of it on trade me, I thought I'd just check if I can use it here. Obviously we already have a router for our ADSL connection - be we also have a switch in the office at the other end of the house. I am now wondering if the Linksys router that's just sitting on my desk would offer any advantages over the plain switch to do largely the same function. I would like tp take advantage of the powered connections, and if possible the wireless connection. I have to connect another room up, and this would make it easier - but I somehow think it's not really going to help.

Just thought I'd ask - in case.