Hi there.

I was having trouble getting my compaq laptop (XP sp2) with Belkin ft8009 bluetooth dongle connecting to vodafone GPRS internet via Sharp 770SH G3 phone . It would appear to connect and then immediately say "disconnected by network"on phone  and on pc it would disconnect and give error 734 . I had sroted out Xp sp2 driver issues etc but it still wouldnt work.

I then (after much frustration and a little swearing) found a modem init string mentioned right at the end of geekzone article  "bluetooth mobile as a GPRS modem for laptop and desktop - fast configuration".

The init string mentioned was +CGDCONT=1,,"internet"

When I used that init string it fixed the problem and everything now works fine with dialling either *99# or *99***1#. Can anyone tell me the signifcance of that init string and what it is doing to make the connection work? Also should I be dialling *99# or *99***1# ?

Its all working now but I am puzzled by what the string does. My phone has its apn set as www.vodafone.net.nz but I havent set an apn anywhere on the pc  (i dont think). Does the number you dial determine the apn? Sorry if I sound ignorant about this but its all new to me.

Cheers and thanks in anticipation.