My current configuration is as follows:

Modem:               Dynalink RTA1320
Ethernet adaptor:  TP-Link 10/100M TF-3239DL

My two other networked PCs are linked into the internet PC's Gigabit adaptor, via a TP-Link Gigabit switch & utilise ICS.

I am going to upgrade & futureproof for the following:

-wireless connectivity for my Kindle device
-VPN passthrough for all networked PCs
-internet live streaming of media, networked to both my HTPCs

Looking throught the various posts, TP-Link appears a good option. Will the TD-W8960N fulfil my present & future needs?

I assume the 100m limit will not be breached with internet live HDstreaming in the foreseeable future?

I am struggling a bit with the VPN concept, & their relevance to the ADSL hardware. Would prefer not to flash new modem with 3rd party firmware.  At present, I am using the free beta Real-VPN servers, but these are slow, so will upgrade to a paid, fast service in the near future.

Any & all advice from those in the know would be greatly appreciated.