I spend a lot of time on the phone through a VOIP system and currently use an old Logitech USB headset and it works fine but the cord is getting a little scraggly plus I would really like to move to a wireless (proprietary or Bluetooth ok) system so I can wander around a little. There's one feature however I want (and is on my current headset) that I can't see on any moderately priced wireless options...

A mute button on the headset that lights up an LED beside the microphone when you're on mute so you can always easily tell when you're on mute... The Logitech H600 and H800 both seem to have mute buttons but signal mute with tones in the ear which ergonomically is archaic compared with a visual cue.

So - any suggestions or general feedback? These don't need to be hi-fi, they really just need to be good enough for phone calls.

Cheers - N