Hey, i have read through couple of threads with recommendations of various video surveillance systems. Most members seem to be buying from Ali Express but i need to get something running quickly due to recent incidents in the neighborhood. Just this morning one of the neighbors reported that there were couple of guys knocking at random houses telling occupants when they answered the door that they were here to mow the lawn but gave the incorrect address for the house they where going to mow the lawn for. My previous attempts to set something up has been to use a USB web cam hooked up to my laptop which worked but i would like a more portable system.

I had a look at the Netgear Arlo system and while it meets most of my requirements, the common compliant has been that the battery life is not great and Netgear doesn't seem interested in fixing the issues reported by users. Anyways..my requirements are as per below:

1. Needs to have decent video quality day/night up to 8 meters. HD quality preferred., The only place i can put this would be upstairs window pointing towards the driveway
2. Should have wireless connectivity. Due to the way the house is built, the chances of running a POE connection is very slim
3. Should cost less than 1K
4. Have motion detection
5. Send email/ftp recording or write to SDCard or USB when motion is detected
6. Be portable so it can be moved around as needed
7. Be sourced in NZ. Ideally i would like to have something in place in the next day or two
8. Ability to view live streaming footage while away from home

The new Foscam R2 looks interesting but i havent been able to find any legit reviews for it. Thanks in advance :)