Hi there. 


I'm trying to find a good quality continuous cloud recording indoor security camera with a good microphone.  While it's not essential having it record infrared would be an advantage. 


Something along the lines of a SpotCam like this. 




SpotCam looks like an interesting option as they provide unlimited 24 hour cloud recording at no charge.  The downside is that the microphone quality isn't supposed to be great. 


The camera will be used for general monitoring but also to provide (known and agreed to) video recording of meetings where it's important that the audio is clear enough to understand for people talking in a medium sized room in normal voices. 


If anyone has any recommendations for cameras in the $100-$350 range that are easy to set up, secure, have great app, remote monitoring, secure web access, cloud recording etc I'd be very appreciative. 


Or if someone can point me in the direction of a local NZ expert I can have a chat to about options. 


Thanks in advance,