I am trying to understand the compliance requirements for Philips Hue lightbulbs that were made for the European/UK market and if I am ok (with my insurance) if I buy them and install at home.




We can buy from Amazon.co.uk Philips Hue bulbs like the below that are not available in NZ.  These are GU10 spots.






These lights have a CE statement of compliance from Philips available here.




and the specific model






On Worksafe NZ it refers to the reciprocal agreement with the European Union, that essentially seems to say that if its Certified in Europe, its certified in NZ.




It says "For New Zealand, the EU issued certification is recognised as constituting a New Zealand ‘approval’.




Hence my question is am I ok to order these and put them in, and they meet the NZ standards.


I don't want to do it if the Insurance company would say they are not approved, but I cant quite understand the linkages here.


Any suggestions appreciated on who to ask, and what to consider here.