Does anyone else have an Amazon Echo Studio and Amazon Fire TV Cut configured as a Home Theatre setup in a Speaker Group?


With this setup you have the Fire TV output (sounds, responses) go through the Echo Studio.


You can even add a room and make this the "Preferred Speaker".


In any case, it works really well and the sound synchronisation is incredible. Also it sounds a lot better than the TV speakers and you can use Alexa commands to set volume levels or ask for volume up and volume down - even use the volume control on the Fire TV remote to manage the volume for the Echo Studio speaker.


However sometimes (once a day, multiple times), the sound just disappears as if I had pushed "Mute". Most of the times if comes back in 15 - 30 seconds. Sometimes I have to restart the Fire TV and unplug/plug the Echo Studio.


Everything updated, same network, plenty of bandwidth available. Anyone else noticed this behaviour?