Hi all

With my better half been given a mini iPod for Christmas from her company, i thought all is GOOD! :-)

It was all working fine until i thought that I'd download the full complement of iTrip stations to the iPod as we were off on a cross country trip and i thought we might get caught out with only having it tuned to 87.9 - bzzzt silly me ( if it ain't broke etc etc )

Now when we play the ipod, the radio stations are interspersed with the songs on the playlist and it'll play a song or two or three then start scrolling thru some of the radio stations randomly and then intersperse these with the occaisional song...

argh! i am getting close to tearing my hair out!

how do i get back to the original settings? do i have to erase EVERYTHING including songlists? i've saved them to my hard rive so that's not a major worry - just wondering if these was an easier way!

I'm a bit of a techno numpty so plse be gentle!

Cheers and thanks in advance!