Hello Geekzone,

I am currently looking to install a home security system within our recently renovated property (situated on the Hibiscus Coast, Auckland).

Prior to parting with any cash, I am curious to learn if anyone within GZ can provide feedback regarding their current home security setup, what brands have been used, sensor options, online monitoring...

A quick browse of the internet, via a trusty search engine, has thrown up quite a few options regarding manufacturer, functionality and installation methods. A few quick phone calls to some of the more well known (by me) brands has given unsurprising results.

As it turns out, each manufacturer recommends the use of their particular products.....

My known requirements are:

Hard wired system

Online monitoring functionality (for future use)

CCTV input

Fire / smoke detector inputs

Multiple keypad locations (perhaps remote control would be better?)

Any advice would be appreciated.