I am looking for full time work within Palmerston North. I am currently working at a local computer company, and have been working there at helpdesk for about a year. I am looking to move on due to private reasons that can be discussed in a genuine inquiry or interview.

I have a level 5 Diploma in ICT from UCOL, completed last year. My resume and grades can be submitted upon request. I have a good eight years of personal experience with computing- my personal hobbies include building scrap PCs to install various Linux distributions on.

I am most comfortable with hardware, but in my current position I have managed emails, websites, backups and both remote and on-site support (networks, viruses, etc). As a personal project, I set up an internal OwnCloud machine for moving files between employees and keeping a mirrored RAID on Debian. I have been told that I have great customer service skills and an outgoing personality for dealing with difficult clients.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions in a private message, as my employer does not know I am looking to move on at this time.