Hi All,

After this summer I will only need to complete two more papers to be able to graduate with a BSci (CompSci) with a minor in math, but unfortunately those two papers I need (and want to do) aren't offered in the same semester!

Now, I could pick up some extra papers that could contribute to an Honours year maybe (I'm thinking about some Data Science papers, but I digress...), but I would prefer to actually use my free time to be doing some programming in a real-world setting and get some contacts to boot.

So, I just thought I might ask here if any local firms (prefer on the North Shore) might be interested in an intern in early 2016 that mayyyyyyybee (please?) could become a bit of (paid? please???) part-time work if I am up to scratch and fit the needs.

Have lots of C++ experience (especially with the modern standards), plenty of C, gonna be working on a Go (golang) project dynamic modelling predator/prey (i.e. multiple agent modelling) over the summer for my last CS paper, Python, Ruby, know my way around Java to be more than useful, and some .NET too.

I also have a degree in Fine Arts so I == creatifitee too.

One current area of extreme curiosity is microservices, but also in any RPC architecture or any diverse internet/messaging platform would be particularly interesting.

I am also very very interested in any form of scientific programming, agent-based modelling, and definitely A.I.

I am gonna go ahead and link to an up-to-date CV. If I don't get any nibbles on the line (it is coming to the end of the year) I will try in January again.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

CV: https://goo.gl/Lz4bDp