We are in France for a couple of weeks and I would like to get a prepaid data SIM arrangement set up on the iPad. I have done this several other times with Vodafone in the UK and Germany and with AT&T in the US - all without problems.


Today we went to an Orange outlet (the biggest mobile telco in France) to have this done. They have exactly the type of plan I'm looking for - 2GB for a month prepaid.


I paid the money and they put the SIM in. It showed up in the top LH corner off the screen ("Orange" plus four dark dots out of five for signal plus "4G") - but when we tried to access the Internet, it said "It appears the device is offline" or words to that effect. Two Orange guys spent an hour fiddling around with settings and even re-set the iPad but could not get it to work. I told them I thought it might be the APPN (?) settings - but I don't actually know what hat means, much less know what they might need to be.


Eventually they said the iPad was at fault and gave me back the money I had paid. Later I found I had received the standard greeting Message on the iPad saying "Welcome to Orange. The mobile number associated with this SIM is XXX".


I would be grateful if anyone could throw any light on this. Is there anything unusual about trying to do this in France? I'm not sure that the Orange guys fully knew what they were doing. The SIM was not faulty - they put it in one of their iPads and showed me it was working.