Hi all


Does anyone know where and how iTunes local backup password used to encrypt, resides? Is it on the PC which is used for the backup or on the iDevice itself?


I work in business where I'm required to setup iPhones migrating data from an old one to new. I have been using the Encrypt local backup option to make sure saved passwords are also moved. The trouble is I now have an iPhone 6 which needs to be copied to a 7Plus and Im unable to take a backup as I dont know the password I would have set when I used my PC last time. The old phone when I connect to my work laptop's itunes have the Encrypt option checked by default, if I try to uncheck, it asks for the password which I am dont know. What puzzles me more is whether it is asking for a password which I set on my PC's itunes last time I backed up a device or is it asking for the password which is stored somewhere on the iPhone itself last time someone backed it up somewhere else? I asked for any passwords to the owner of the phone who isnt aware of anything other than Apple ID password. Iv tried that and bunch of random passwords I would have used and none of them is working. I even tried installing iTunes on a completely different PC and it asks for the password there too which makes me wonder if its stored on the device? Can we not make any more backups if we dont have the first password we used?