I purchased my Apple watch from Australia of 13th August 2015. I was the first person to buy it from Myer Melbourne central (they had a dude doing a photo shoot but he didn't even end up buying one! They gave him a voucher and then served me!


Well I have loved it since I have had it, luckily for me I purchased Apple Care+, the watch and Apple care cost about what it would have to buy in NZ but then I could claim the GST back, now the difference is about $10 after claiming the GST, but with potential to have to pay the GST on arriving back to NZ.


Well luckily I say as my watch, an early series 1 variant has the expanding battery issue where it pushes the screen out of place.


Now I am in 2 minds of what to do now, the reality is I don't see the major draw of sapphire glass and stainless steel any more, I'd like to sell the refurb unit I am sent and get a series 2 aluminium. I like the idea of better water proofing and my fiancé's rose gold one has stood up really well to wear and tear.


I think I would need to get around $400 for my 42mm stainless version to make this viable.