The Wireless and Broadband Forum has an event of interest to iPhone / iPod Touch is a text of the invite below. If you want to go, register here...

"Join us this month (July 9th) at the Floating Pavilion for a very exciting Wireless Wednesday.  Enjoy the nibbles and drinks while you network with industry business people before we introduce our informative speakers of the evening:

Topic:  Apple App Store – what it means for iPhone developers and other Platform Developers

If you use a mobile phone or you are a developer of Mobile applications or you want to be an iPhone Application millionaire, then you need to be at this free event.
With the new 3G iPhone only days away, it will come as no surprise that the announcement at the WWDC Keynote in early June means that the the bag has been ripped open for application developers. When Messiah Steve Jobs offers you 70% revenue share on any software sold to the iPhone community, its time to crank up the geeks get some ideas pumping out.

What does this mean for other mobile platform developers? Symbian, Windows Mobile, LiMo and Android to name a few?

Join us to hear Steve Simms and Aaron Davidson outline what the App Store programme compares with other development and what it will do to change the way developers work with handset guys and telcos. Of course lively debate is welcomed!

Steve is as close as you’ll get to someone who is in the know about Apple and how to partner and create stuff that sells. Aaron is a guru in multi platform development through his successful mobile development company, Simworks."