Looks like I've had a bad day..

Monday, Labour day, I learnt a very valid and important lesson - iPhones and liquids do NOT mix.. The phone is now dead, and insurance has given me $1129.00 to go get a new one.. Because apparantly their company they usually use doesnt want to deal with it? (Noel Leemings, according to AA. They said they have used them before for iPhones and havent had an issue?), and they contacted Vodafone and they said they didnt want anything to do with it either? so now AA are crediting 1129 to my account tonight so i can go buy a new one tomorrow..

Just wondering if anyone else has had this same issue in regards to an INSURANCE replacement (Not phone insure because thats a Vodafone product/service).

If you have had yours replaced, what company did it through to get the replacement? (as in the store that physically gave it to you)

and what insurance company are you with?

Im kind of in two minds about whether to get another iPhone. Considering the problems i've had in the past, im just wondering if this is a blessing in disguise?