Does anyone else have issues with the free headset that came with the 3g model I have had mine replaced 3 times now and the 3rd set has now died too.  Either the mic or the right earpiece just dies and never wants to work again.  Now Vodafone are refusing to replace them any more since this is my 3rd set.  I have read lots on other forums about this and others having major problems too.  Why should we be forced to pay $139 for a working headset when we paid over $1000 for the phone and spend more than the average person on our monthly bills.  Nokia headsets are great.  Has anyone experienced this problem in NZ and what are my rights.  Even though they have been replaced 3 times are VF required to keep replacing them till the 1 year warranty is up.  Have read other have had this issue in this forum but it has been locked due to its age.  Maybe now the phone has been around a bit longer and others are having the same issue. Any recommendation's for good headsets.  I use them up to 4-5 hours a day.

For those wanting to buy a new iPhone I recommend going somewhere like magnum mac and see if they will do a deal where they can chuck in a discounted headset as its a great phone but the extras fairly crap.