I'm having trouble adding another user to my Apple TV. I have created another Apple ID for the UK store, but it won't load as another user, I know the process well and in the past have added AU, Indian, USA and French users and have another UK store ID on there too currently, but I am trying to add another UK user as family member is trying to replicate my set up, and as I was walking her through it, and we got stuck at this point as her wouldn't add either.


So I thought I'd try and see if I could add to mine, but it simply refuses to add. I go through the process, accept the terms and conditions but nothing shows up as a new user. I purposely entered the wrong password and it comes with with 'incorrect Apple ID or password'.


I have googled this and can't find anything on it. I have 4 Apple TV's in the house and are having the same issue trying to load this new ID.


I've tried doing it while logged in to iCloud, I've turned on two-factor auth on the ID, and have been asked to enter the verification code on the Apple TV, but again, I do this but no new user shows up.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I missing something?