I just received a brand new CPU cooler, the Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro.  This thing is a marvel of engineering.

Anyway, I took my HTPC apart to install it, only to find it's too tall for my case (my case is only as deep as a standard ATX power supply).

These units sell for about $70, but I got a really good deal on it ($45).  The unit was installed briefly in my PC until I realised I couldn't fit the lid back on my HTPC, other than that it has never been used and has all the original bits and is packed in the original packaging.  Mounting is included for all current AMD and Intel processors including AM3+ and i5 and i7 CPUs.

Photos are attached to help you figure out if this cooler will fit in your case.

I'm after any CPU cooler that will fit an AM3 CPU that will run quiet.  This is for my HTPC wich runs a 125 Watt 6-core Phenom II 1100T.  So, something a bit smaller than the cooler I'm wanting to swap with at least an 80mm fan.  MUST run quietly.

PM me if you are keen.