Dell UltraSharp U3011 30" Monitor with PremierColour (with 2+ years warranty)


Location: Christchurch (Free delivery within Christchurch)

For full details and specs:

Got this monitor in July 2012 when I was considering changing jobs or contracting. I had been using my work's iMac 27" at home (since the quake). Was going to buy a MacBook Pro if I did quit, so I went ahead and got this 30" as I didn't want to downsize after getting used to the 27" and I thought I'd also use it replace my old 22" PC monitor in the meanwhile. So went ahead and got this top end Dell 30". Later I ended up getting a promotion and staying with my current employer. So I have not really made justifiable use of the 30" hooked up to my PC which I hardly use and don't really need massive dual screens on the Mac. It just taking up desk space and I've found out I can  use the iMac as a PC monitor and switch between Mac and PC with a hotkey which would be a more practical solution. I've also now been told I'll can continue working from home indefinately as the office space here in ChCh is still rediculously inflated.

The monitor has PermierColour which offers a much wider range of factory calibrated colour than your average monitor. Perfect for photography or high end colour correction/pre-pres work. Side-by-side with the iMac 27" the Apple display is no comparison in terms of colour the difference is quite amazing! Also the 16:10 ratio gives you more useful height than 16:9 with a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

This monitor is in near new condition and has a transferrable premium next day replacement warranty valid until 28/06/2015. So if you find a single dead pixel or anything that goes wrong you'll get sent a replacment and a courier account number to return the faulty unit back for free.

Have all the original packaging, so if you are outside ChCh I could courier at extra cost to you, but I'll leave that up to you to find out the best service as it is fairly bulky. Should be roughtly 33.2 x 27 x 11.4 inch and 15Kg in packaging.

PM me if you're interested, want to view or have other questions. Thanks!