Just realised i still have my PVR 150 sitting dormant in my PC.

Been using it for about a year with no problems recently upgraded to the Nova-S card for digital.

Thought i would offer it up here else i will throw it up on trademe.

Accepting offers at this stage.

For those a little wary of a newbie my TM ID is kylea_damien (would provice link but at work and TM is a No No)

Will include the Remote that came with my nova-s aswell as the WINTV 4.0 driver CD with the Vista & MCE Drivers on it.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Will consider a swap for
DDR2 memory
PCI Video Card (Fan recently melted off mine, 80mm Fan and cable ties to the rescue)
Or a Hard Drive.

Will answer more questions pretty quick during the week and will check intermittantly in the weekends.

my bad about the FS thread i blame the slow thin clients here.
Thanks to whoever removed that