Hi All,

I have a Panasonic 8.5" portable DVD player that is an unwanted prize. Brand new, never been used. Have a consignment note from Panasonic NZ which you can use to confirm warranty. RRP on these things is $499, will sell for  $389 inc freight. (NB this is the same price as lesser branded 8.5" units on trademe). May also consider some sort of deal involving a 027 phone or other geeky items.



8.5" Widescreen LCD Display
You can enjoy DVDs in a true widescreen playback with the DVD-LS80. The 8.5" Widescreen LCD screen provides excellent image quality. There is a large viewing area to ensure that you view DVDs conveniently. 
Perfect for In-Car use with Included Car Mounting Kit (Headrest) and Car DC Adaptor 
Headrest Muonting Bracket Included 
The DVD-LS80 provides the ideal solution for in-car and portable entertainment! The DVD-LS80 includes a Car Headrest Mounting Kit (*may not fit all types of headrest) and Car DC adaptor for use on the go. With this unit passengers can enjoy DVD's while travelling. Electronic Skip protection ensures this model performs optimally. (Subject to laws in each state). 
Freestyle Viewing with LCD Display
Freestyle viewing enables the screen to be tilted to a vast array of positions for viewing. The screen can even be folded flat onto the unit to create a Tablet and the buttons are still accessible to control the unit without needing to move the screen. 
Long Playback
The integrated rechargeable battery is capable of up to 6 hours playback time, allowing you to watch your favourite DVD almost anywhere. With enough playback time to watch most films, this unit has the convenience to be used where-ever you like! 
Multi-Format Playback including DivX, JPEG and MP3
You can enjoy your favourite DVD-Video or your Recorder material from your Panasonic DVD-Recorder. Additionally you can enjoy all your favourite DivX, JPEG and MP3 content on the unit. This unit is compatible for playback of DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, SVCD, CD and CD-R/RW. 
Side Mounted Built-In Stereo Speakers
Side mounted stereo speakers, either side of the LCD Screen provide superior sound even the unit is mounted on the headrest. Speakers contained discretely within the unit allow for watching a DVD without headphones. You can even playback a CD through the built-in speakers. 
Electronic Anti-Skip Protection for a Better Viewing Experience
Anti-Skip Protection means that the DVD-LS80 makes the ideal Portable DVD Player for use in the back seat of a car. Disc skipping and jumping is significantly reduced with this feature to provide a more enjoyable viewing experience! 
Multi Re-Master Technology
Sound sources of multi-channel formats (such as Dolby Digital and DTS) used for many DVD-Videos can be remastered to produce higher quality audio reproduction, with an extensive range of formats. 
Built-In Dolby Digital & DTS Audio Decoders
Outstanding sound is generated through the unit, with the inclusion of Dolbs Digital & DTS Technologies, you can be assured this unit plays back the highest quality 2 channel audio. 
Dual Headphone Terminals
For enjoyment in the car or outside, there are 2 headphone terminals to let you enjoy a DVD with someone else. The ideal source of entertainment for those in the back seat of the car, this unit will let you enjoy a DVD without disturbing others. A car DC Adaptor is icluded for those long journeys. Please consult the Operating Instructions before using the unit in a car. 
Super High-Speed Scan
Up to 200x scanning of DVDs allows you to quickly locate the portion of a DVD to watch. No longer do you need to wait for extensive searches which take a ling time.