I bought a Macbook Pro from @lyndondrake a while back, and now I am looking at upgrading so wanting to sell this machine.  The original thread is here:

But the important parts to note are:

"I've got a 15" mid-2010 Macbook Pro for sale. 2.66GHz i7, 8GB RAM (my upgrade), 512GB Crucial M4 SSD (my upgrade), DVD writer superdrive, and what was at the time the high-res screen option (matte 1680x1050) with the discrete Nvidia graphics with autoswitching. UK keyboard layout but I bought a NZ plug for the power supply when I moved back here. The logic board was replaced free by Apple last year as it was subject to the Nvidia failure. The replacement board has run without problems since then."

And most importantly:

"There are a couple of known issues with it. The first is that about three years ago I managed to slightly deform the aluminium body above the ethernet port. I have never had any problems with the ethernet port though, and as far as I can tell it's in perfect working order, just a visible flaw (see the attached pic).

More annoying, and my main reason for biting the bullet and buying a replacement is that the two USB ports and the mini DisplayPort connector don't stay connected reliably. E.g. I almost always use an external screen in addition to the builtin one, and when I plug in the adapter the screen might or might not be recognised, and the tiniest of movements could cause the screen to disconnect. The same is true with the USB ports - thumb drives easily disconnect from almost unnoticeable movements such as vibration on the desk from typing. I've had an Apple service provider look at it and they reckon the whole logic board needs replacing *if* I want to correct the issue."

(Both copied from the original thread).  Since I have had it I have used the USB ports quite a lot, most recently to run a full backup to a USB HDD, and haven't had many disconnections if the laptop is just siting on a desk (or even the floor).  I have had no other problems - the system works 100% in everything else.  It is still very fast (core i7 and SSD make sure of that). 

I am wanting to move to a Macbook Pro Retina with 16GB RAM, hence the sale.

I am wanting $600 for this machine, which is what I previously paid.  Its a great price for a decent machine, especially if the USB/DP problems don't bother you.  Pickup is from Otahuhu during business hours, or I am happy to post but I DON'T have the original box, just the charger.