Purchased from Vodafone 27/10/2013 (almost four years old!). Have original receipt from Vodafone if required but perhaps not much use at this age.


Has couple of dents around the edges and general wear and tear consistent with ~3 years of heavy usage. Screen itself is fine despite not having used a screen protector. Battery in pretty poor shape—randomly stops working at 20%, 40% or 60% indicating some cells are almost dead so may be worth doing battery replacement. Has also had issues charging in the past but could just be a bad cable as it seems to charge fine with the new cable that came with my 8+. Selling as it is.


Selling phone only. If you don't have your own cable/charger you'll need to obtain them.


I have brand new and unused iPhone earbuds and analogue-to-lighting adapter (from iPhone 8+) if you'd like. Just let me know if you want this when you make your offer.


Selling because it has been replaced with my new iPhone 8+.


PM me with your offer. Will post back here once sold.