So I work for myself, and have done so for the last 13 years, as a IT Contractor / Consultant for a number of companies in Auckland.
Most of my work is BAU type stuff - Keeping peoples Networks, Servers etc running plus the odd project every other month
for things like Windows Server, Win 7 and Exchange migrations, Office 365, new server installs etc. The usual stuff.

I'm looking to grow my business and I am considering buying an existing business to do that.

However I don't necessarily want to buy the whole legal entity of another business (having to deal with Tax and liabilities etc, but might if the situation was right)
and a friend suggested I should try and find other people such as myself that may be winding up their contracting business for some reason,
maybe due to moving out of the area or overseas, to look at buying their customer base.

So if you or someone you know is in this position drop me an email to discuss further.
We can have a chat and work out some terms agreeable to both parties.