For sale is my well looked after 13” MacBook Air - only selling as I have upgraded to the new MacBook Pro with Touchbar.


I have owned this since new, bought direct from Apple, and have never had any issues. Has clean install of the latest operating system, macOS High Sierra (10.13).


Specifications: 1.3ghz Intel Core i5, 8gb DDR3 RAM, 256gb SSD (+ additional 128gb on JetDriveLite, see below), Intel HD 5000 Graphics. USB3, Thunderbolt, SD Card slot etc.


Condition is excellent - one minor blemish on the right hand side edge ~1mm (barely noticeable), and the A key for some reason looks a little strange. The key works fine. This laptop was bought in the UK so has a UK keyboard.


I no longer have the box but will come complete with genuine Apple charger, genuine Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptor and a Transcend JetDrive Lite ($150 value) which is a 128gb SD Card designed specifically to stay installed (it is flush with the MacBook Air, not sticking out) and give you 128gb extra storage space.


Photos available on request.


Looking at current model MBA and what things go for on TradeMe, selling for $1,000 seems reasonable.