The Libelium (http://www.libelium.com/) hardware was purchased for a proof-of-concept IOT project with a fig orchard, here in New Zealand. However, the project was never progressed to completion and the hardware was never installed or used.


The following hardware is available for sale, as a complete purchase. However, the Meshlium Gateway can be sold seperatly. (Images are hosted on Azure and are full size)


1x - Plug & Sense! Waspmote SmartAgricultre Pro (code) SA-PRO 802.15.4 (Xbee) (All installation brackets included) 




1x - Plug & Sense! Waspmote SmartAgricultre (code) SA 802.15.4 Xbee (Xbee) (All installation brackets included)




2x - Temperature, Humidity and Pressure probe - (code) 9370-P




2x - Soil moisture 1.5 m sensor probe - (code) 9248-P




1x - Solar radiation (PAR) sensor probe - (code) 9251-P




1x - Soil temperature (DS18B20) Probe - (code) 86949-P




1x - WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer) sensor probe - (code) 9256-P




2x - 6600mAh rechargeable battery + external solar panel - (code) 6600-EXT (All installation brackets included)


1x - Meshlium 4G 802.15.4 AP AU (code) M4G-802-AU (all aerials, POE converter, cables, installation brackets)




The hardware was ordered\delivered in Nov 2017 The Waspmote devices have code developed by me for all the sensors and communication with the Meshlium GW. It was tested in my garden for a period of 4 weeks. The hardware is essential brand new and in delivery condition.


The hardware is still under Libelium 12 month warrenty, I have the invoice and can provide a copy.


Location of the hardware is New Zealand, happy to post world wide at your cost.


Please private message me if interested.