This entire package is new in box, never used, never opened. We purchased it with intentions of using to improve our marketing but have not got around to setting it up, it's sitting there collecting dust so it's time to let it go.


The bundle includes;


Sharp PN40TC1 40" Touch Screen TV, retails for $3,099
LOGCAMC930E Camera, retails for $269.01
HUDDLEPOD Wireless Audio Receiver, retails for $1,004.75
NUCi5, packing an intel i5-7500T, 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro, Intel 630 Graphics, comes with keyboard, retails for $1,707.65
Included on the NUC is the Sharp PNSS01 digital signage software for $620.01
TV also has a brakcet, BKTMTM1U that retails for $501.36


Full package is worth $7,201.78. As I said, brand new, unused and still in the box.


Would love to get around $6k for it, but will listen to offers.