Hello and thanks for you Interest.


I would like to Either off load here of take some advice on where i could off load New, Never used POE injectors.


I have a small Cabling company and after clearing our store out we have found


the following


39 x Versa - VXPi1000GB 




Retail $29.95 


Our Price S20 or S700 for 39






4 x Cisco-AIR-PwrInj4




Retail $31 


our price $20 each or $70 for 4






2 x Areo Hive AH-ACC-INT-30W-AU




Retail $167.70


Our Price $100 or $180 for 2






Take the Lot and get a Bargin for only $900


Again i am looking for either a Forum member to Take these off me or Provide me with some advice on selling them. 


It seems a wast to bin them as there still new,


Would Rather one Transaction on all but will consider smaller lots if i can.




Thanks In advance for your interest and feel free too message me if further info is required.