I have a first gen google daydream headset that cost me $300 to import back in the day.  Not sure what it's worth so offering it up at half what I paid - $150.


I have this, Gear VR and just picked up an Oculus go so I don't really need three vr headsets.  This has only had a small amount of use as I preferred my Gear VR.


Daydream requires a daydream compatible phone which is the Pixel phones (except I think the latest one) or Samsung phones from the S8 up to the S10.  Google have just dropped support for the daydream platform so no new titles are going to come out but there is lots there already to amuse yourself with.  Lots of stuff in YouTube thats good to watch on a headset.


If you are looking for a novelty to play with over Xmas this is for you (which is also why I picked up the Oculus Go).  I am in Christchurch and happy to ship to wherever.