Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 32gb Black Onyx.

NZ model (vodafone firmware). As with most higher end phones in NZ, not locked to any network.

Screen has been damaged by what I am told was crushing. This has lead to vertical pink streaks on the right hand side of the screen. Also the screen occasional goes blank, but can be bough back to life by squeezing the top of the screen.

I used the phone like this for many months, but would not recommend it. I think the best application for it is for somebody who wants a somewhat modern flagship phone to re-purpose the phone into something like a security camera, baby monitor, gps tracker, earthquake sensor, folding@home number cruncher or the likes.


Alternative screen could be replaced. I think it cost $170 when I had it done. (note that the prior replacement may mean the phone is no longer waterproof).



Includes Case, box, Original (adaptive fast charge) charger, and USB cord.


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