I have recently shifted and have a lot more important things to do than get these in place for the forseeable future so I am offering them up here...


This model - https://aeotec.com/z-wave-light-dimmer-switch/ (Model ZW111-B : and is the NZ 921.42Mhz model)


I have 8 I can let go (I am keeping a few so I can still completely automate my theatre room and hallway)... 6 are New in Box (although all seals were broken when I got them - I recall at the time time being told they had been FW upgraded at the supplier perhaps?).. 1 is in box but I have written 'configured' on the box, and one is without box as I had to replace the garage dimmer with a switch since the dimmer couldn't handle 12 Flouro tubes!



$100 each Shipping included with a legal and safe shipping method and timeframe to be agreed. All 8 for $700.


Cheers - N