Hi guys,


I'm finally running into the point where I can't keep this screen anymore on a modern system, as it requires Dual-Link DVI-D to run, due to not having a built in scaler.


It's an IPS display, it probably has a little light bleed but nothing I've ever noticed. I don't have a system to plug it into as it BSOD's with the latest nVidia drivers through the DP to Dual Link DVI-D, but it was running well before then as a secondary display.


Best suited to a card that has native Dual-Link DVI-D, I have had it running at 1440p/100Hz through a native connection. These display are known for being able to overclock as high as 1440p/120Hz, depending on your graphics card and the quality of the cable you have. With the current cable and a GTX 1080 I was able to maintain 1440p/100Hz.


I'm thinking $150 pick up Hamilton, not interested in shipping but if you want to pay someone to come and collect the display you're welcome to.


I'll throw in the DP to Dual-Link DVI-D adapter too, if you want it. No guarantees as to if it'll work or not with your system, may be perfectly fine on a modern AMD system, but I think anything nVidia running the latest drivers would be risky.