Hi all,


Looking to potentially sell my Synology DS720+, which comes with 10GB RAM (up from the standard 2GB).  I've added a crucial 8GB stick with no trouble. 


At the moment, this is for the NAS only, but I do have 2 12TB drives (Seagate Ironwolfs) in it which I could pair up for a deal if the interest is there.


NAS is actually pretty new, only purchased from PB Tech in March for a home project, which never really got going so decided to cut my losses.


Screenshot of info below:






Looking for $800 (+ postage) for the NAS, which I think is fair considering the RAM upgrade.  Will come with box and all cables. 


The 2 x 12tb drives can be discussed, but thinking around $300 each?   Purchased at the same time, so very new.  No issues to date and running well. 


Open to PM for discussion if anyone is interested, and I can provide photos etc.