I’ve finally gotten to a point where I want to pick back up as a hobby an early career choice that didn’t pan out with watchmaking however have very little in the way of parts and equipment thanks to 20 years of life and moving around the country.

I don’t have megabucks to spend so won’t be buying bergeon or even horotec tools new but keen on anything you might have collecting dust and want to move on. I’m not interested in anything quartz for the time being and im only looking to work on older manual or automatic movements for now as i get back into the swing of it. I’m present on many watchmaker forums but not active much, and most local auction sites don’t have much in the way of affordable tools if they aren’t cheap knock offs or aspirational prices for things that don’t come close to described (just guess how I know that).

So if you have anything watch related lying around hit me up. Would be keen to chat.