The original black Asus Eee PC 701 - the first netbook released. This was purchased in December 2007 overseas. Specs: 1GB RAM, 4GB SSD, 900mhz CPU (factory underclocked to 630mhz), 7" LCD, 5200mAh battery. Includes original black slip case.

It has a fresh install of the original Xandros Linux, however you can easily install Windows XP or another version of Linux if you prefer. I used it with Windows XP and it worked very well (even with relatively"heavy" programs like Firefox and Office 2k7).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Eee PC has been modified to include an internal USB port, and a 2GB flash drive is attached internally to that port. As a result the webcam has been ripped out. If you want, you can easily add a touchscreen, bluetooth, GPS, or other component using the internal USB port.

This netbook was bought overseas, so comes with a USA-style power plug (adaptor works with input voltages of 100-240V so it doesn't require an additional transformer). I can throw in a travel adaptor to convert the plug to a NZ style plug for free.

$250 cash (or direct credit)

Pick up in Wellington, or I can courier at buyer's epxense.

PM me if you are interested. Photos can be found on the expired Trademe listing: