Gday Folks,

Just checking for interest here before putting it on TradeMe.

Upgraded to unlock the GPS with the latest Titan Radio 3.42.50, which Telecom stubbornly refused to provide an update for.

Runs WM6.5 Build 23017 The best stable beta build in my opnion so far.

This was my test Titan. When the new builds came out, id test it on this one and if i liked it, upgraded my main Titan. I'm happy with the current build so time to sell this one.

Keyboard is faulty so have made this phone as finger friendly as possibly.Installed Finger Keyboard 2 as the default onscreen keyboard requires the stylus. With Finger keyboard, stylus isnt needed. Wi-Fi doesnt seem to work, not sure what happened there :( It'll detect my network but just wont connect.

Phone is in good condition, has the usual wear and tear scratches all over but the screen is fine. Comes with:

Charging Cradle
Spare Battery
USB Cable
Wall Charger

Also Installed:

Garmin XT
TCPMP Media Player
Skyfire Browser
Google Maps
SMS Chat
Power Options (Can soft reset via software instead of using the stylus to reset from under the phone.
Other useful progs too.

phone 1