Hey guys I have a busted up Acer extensa 2300 for sale.

The problems:
Laptop does not boot up anymore (I believe that the HDD is  stuffed)
The screen has 7 vertical rows of dead pixels on the left hand side (you can still use it perfectly fine)
the cd drive cover had been ripped off, you can still use the cd drive if you know where to press to open it :) 

What it comes with:
1x Acer extensa 2300 (average condition considering its age)
battery (replaced start of this year at a cost of 180.00)
Ram (total 1.25GB, 1G stick added at the start of this year at a cost of 90.00)
Linkys wireless card (added start of this year, is cracked however still works perfectly well at a cost of 60.00)
Charger (there are a lot of small rips in the plastic however it still works perfectly fine)
1.5GHZ processor from memory

I was using this just for internet, email and uni work. It has run both running Windows 7RC (no aero) and Windows XP Pro. I was tempted to put a 500gb HDD and use it as a file server, however cant be bothered :)

If you would like pics just send me a PM with ur email addy. 

Price = OFFERS...