Hi folks

I thought I would offer to GZ'ers first before putting it on Trademe.  I have for sale a Pinnacle Showcenter 1000 media player.  It's in excellent condition and worked really well - reason for upgrade - needed to be able to show HD content (this is the main restriction of this device, only does SD content).

Details of the unit are here


Note that while this talks about the 1000G, my unit is the 1000. The 1000G apparently does 802.11G via a PCMCIA card slot and while this unit has the slot and Pinnacle sent me two cards, for some reason neither works. I always used a wireless 802.11G bridge so never tested them. So you can use a bridge or hardwire it to your network.

Also comes with all original software and the keys to upgrade the SC software but once again I never used the software, preferring to use the free www.swisscenter.co.uk free server. Remote and manual also included.

Outputs composite, svideo or component video and thanks to Cyril who made a custom cable for me, can output to a VGA monitor via the custom SCART connector. Audio output is analogue two channel or digital via  S/PDIF or coax. For example via Swisscenter have been able to play MPEG2 files with DD5.1 audio as the SC1000 just passes that content through to your AVR.

Thinking about $70 plus shipping or local pickup (Wellington).

If you're interested send me a PM