Hi fellow geeks, I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences programme at AUT starting in March 2010. I am hoping to purchase second hand the textbooks for the the following courses, from anyone who took these courses last year.
  • 405701 Programming 1
  • 405702 Computing Technology in Society
  • 405703 Foundations of IT Infrastructure
  • 405706 Computer Networking
These are the courses that I will be taking in the first semester of 2010, and I haven't even received the recommended reading lists for them yet, but the textbooks should hopefully be the same as they were for the second semester of 2009. If you want to part company with your textbooks for these courses from last year, I am interested in buying them off you. Please send me a PM to arrange the trade. I will be checking the recommended reading list as soon as it is available before committing to purchase anything.