Hey folks, I've got a switch for sale, as per the subject line. I've put it in an auction on Trademe, and I thought I'd pop a link to the auction in here, since this forum is likely to have people that might be interested in this sort of gear.


If you've got any questions, ask them here or on the auction. I'll probably respond to questions on the auction faster though, I used these forums to get help with my Okta Touch ages ago, but I'm not really that much of a frequent user here. I have set the option to have an email sent to me if someone replies to this thread though, so I will definitely respond.

I'm selling this switch as a favour to my Dad, who is out of the country long term. It used to be the main network switch for his small business when he was running an architecture practice, but when the housing markets collapsed the business stopped coming in and his practice had to be wound up, the switch has essentially just been sitting in a de-humidified garage for the last year and a half doing absolutely nothing. It was bought in early 2007, and is in near new condition.

Cheers all!