I need to get rid of some old equipment so I'll offer it to Geekzone members before I try Trademe.

I have an unused HP C3909A toner suitable for Laserjet 8000.
I am offering it for a $250 donation to our social club fund.

This toner also comes with a functioning HP 8000 Laserjet printer.
Has EIO card, 24MB, total page count 470850. According to my records, the existing toner in the printer has only been used for one month. Which should mean it still has a lot of printing left to go before you need the new one.

HP8000 plus cartridge

It's been sitting idle for a few years but I just fired it up, printed off all the test pages, and it seems good as gold.
The printer was relegated to the store room once it was replaced by a multifunction printer. It was retired in good condition so I don't expect it to cause any trouble. But at the same time, if it does I don't want to know about it! :-)

Pickup is from Rolleston, outside of Christchurch.
It's big and heavy - you'll need a trailer or van.

But wait! There's more.

I also have a Tektronix Phaser 740 colour laser printer and I am prepared to let this go for free with the HP 8000.
It was decommissioned at the same time as the HP 8000 but it was a problem child and jammed frequently,and consumables are probably not easy to come by these days. In saying that, I did print off all the Help pages without any issues so it's not completely useless. If nobody wants it, I will dump it.

Tektronix Phaser 740