Near new Cisco Linksys WAG320N Wireless ADSL2+ Router

Only 3 months old and in as new condition. Selling as it's now surplus to requirements. I have just moved flats and they already have one.

This is a top of the line ADSL Router with 4x super fast Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as N wireless speeds of up to 300Mbit and MIMO for great range.

Probably my favourite feature about the router however is the USB port. You can plug an external hard drive or USB stick in, and share the content with any one on your network (and secure it with a password). It also has a built in media server to stream content to compatible devices like the PlayStation 3 or DLNA capable TVs.

I had a 1TB hard drive plugged in with content I could play back through my PS3.

Will sell with the original box, manuals, cds, cords etc and will include the original receipt for the remainder of the warranty.

$190 including shipping, or pick up in Auckland