2 Week old TF101 16gb without keyboard dock. Firm at $475 + Shipping. Has a small scratch on the bottom edge but nothing major.

These were on special at Dick Smith for $499 a couple of weeks back I picked one up for slightly less due to using a woolworths discount, so i'll take it for that price - no profiting going on here.
This retails for $700. Dick smith took $200 off the price on a 3 day special which sold out.

Simply giving someone else the chance for this special, as i've discovered that my (very slow) netbook is good enough for me. Great fun to to play with and stoked with the battery life though. If you bought a dock for it, it'd be even better.

Still the year of warranty, box, and accessories included. Pretty much as new aside from the minor scratch. screen is in absolutely perfect condition however.
Software is stock out of box software. Have not updated it so root is still possible, or installed a custom rom on it. It is notifying for an Android 3.2 system update atm however.

Scratch is not from a drop, just rubbed slightly which sucks, but it doesn't really matter

If it doesn't sell here, then it'll definitely sell on trademe for more.