Skyrim and Prima Strategy Guide for 360


Skyrim Game (Normal)
The Map
Prima Guide
Prima Guide Map

Note: Prima guide map was removed from book but is unused, it made using the book cumbersome.

(EB) Game RRP: $120
(EB) Book RRP: $56


Mint, installed to hard drive so disk is as new. Book is in the same condition as when I got it, there is some ink fading on the spine but that's what is was like upon purchase.

Pickup: Ilam


$10 buynow discount if paid in cash upon pickup.

Halo RC Warthog

Auction Includes:

Halo Warthog
Mater Chief Gunner

Box is a bit bashed in the corners. However the models inside are perfectly fine and have not been used.

Would make a great present for a kid or Halo enthusast. This is was a limited edition offer so good for a collector as well.

Pickup: Ilam
Shipping: My apologies for the expense, it's rather a sizable box. Note that I offer to refund excess shipping money over $5, makes it fair.

Combination & Geekzone Offers

If a Geekzone member wants both I cannot combine postage but I will knock off money and charge you only $160 (+ PnP) for both. Obviously if you're in CHCH this is a damn good chance to get 2 Xmas presents at once with no postage (you can pickup).

Basically I beat alll I want of SKyrim for now and want to get BF3 to get back into competitive gaming